Specialty Surgery

Our board-certified surgeon and highly skilled support staff provide pain free surgical solutions and treatments for both complicated medical problems and emergency situations. With unparalleled care and cutting-edge technology like CT imaging and minimally invasive surgical techniques, every client and patient our surgeon sees can benefit from the best advice and care available in our area.

What is a board-certified veterinary surgeon?

A board-certified veterinary surgeon is a licensed veterinarian who has obtained intensive, additional surgical training. A veterinary surgeon can offer special assistance in the following cases:

  • Traumatic injury and emergencies like fractures, skin wounds and lacerations
  • Correction of gastric dilatation-volvulus, and exploratory abdominal/thoracic surgery
  • Orthopedic surgeries like total hip replacements (THRs), cruciate ligament surgeries (TPLOs), and arthroscopy for joint exploration
  • Soft tissue surgeries like tumor/cancer removal and correction of congenital defects
  • Neurological surgeries like herniated discs and spinal injuries
  • Managing extensive or non-healing growths
  • Reconstructive surgery and skin grafts
  • Repairing heart defects
  • Minimally invasive surgery such as arthroscopy, thorascopy, and laparoscopy

Does my pet need a veterinary surgeon?

While your regular veterinarian can diagnose and treat many health problems, certain diseases and conditions require the care of a doctor who has received specialized intensive surgical training in order to provide the very best outcome for your pet.

Your veterinarian may feel your pet needs the additional expertise of a board-certified surgeon for certain surgeries. Board-certified veterinary surgeons may have access to specialized diagnostic or surgical equipment, the latest and safest anesthesia monitoring equipment, physical therapy or rehabilitation capabilities, and other critical care services that a general practitioner may be lacking. All of these specialized services may be necessary for the optimal care and recovery of your pet. Be assured that a veterinarian who knows when to refer you and your pet to a veterinary surgeon is caring and committed to ensuring your pet receives the highest standard of care.

In addition, our veterinary surgeon will work closely with your regular veterinarian to ensure the best outcome possible and establish continuity of after care.

How will my regular veterinarian be involved?

In most referral surgical cases, your primary care veterinarian will still supervise your pet’s veterinary care, especially if your pet is continuing to cope with a disease or chronic condition.

Typically, your primary care veterinarian will oversee many aspects of your pet’s pre-op and post-op care, just as in human medicine. Recovery periods are often prolonged in surgical cases, particularly in orthopedic surgery. Our specialist will work with your primary care veterinarian to establish the best after care possible.

Remember, it is very important to follow the specialist’s recommendations concerning at-home recovery guidelines for your pet, follow up care and appointments as well as any rehabilitation that has been prescribed. Working together, you, your primary care veterinarian and our veterinary surgeon can offer your pet the best treatment, a trouble-free recovery and continued quality of life

Specialist Surgery Standards

As with all our surgeries, great care is taken during our specialist procedures to ensure the highest surgical standards are followed. For more information on our surgery, anesthesia, and pain control standards and protocols please click on the following link https://foothillsanimalhospital.com/services/surgery/


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