Lost Pets


Ensuring your pet is permanently identified is the single most important thing you can do to aid in recovery, should your pet become lost. Below are some websites where you can find information on permanently identifying your pet.

Home Again                                                        

Pet Link                                                                

When an animal does become lost, it’s never a happy situation for you or your pet. The good news is, most stray dogs and cats are eventually found if their owners continue looking for them. Sometimes a finder keeps a pet at their own home. Other times they may take the lost pet directly to the human society, a nearby shelter, or call the municipal animal control officer for help. That’s why it’s so important to explore as many avenues as possible when looking for your missing pet. Foothills Animal Hospital does not collect or house stray or lost pets, but we have compiled a list of area facilities and organizations that can help you in your search.

Below is a list of area shelters and websites that help reunite owners with their lost or stray pets.

Websites for Lost/Found Pets in Yuma and surrounding areas

International websites

Fido Finder                                                         

Tabby Tracker                                                    



Everyone was kind and caring, not just with Katie and me, but with other clients. Upon our third visit, I was amazed how many different people greeted us by name.


I can't thank you enough. Thanks for being so pawesome!

Roberto R.

Thank you for your generous donation and support for Gila Ridge Girls Basketball Team.


I want to thank the staff at FAH for always delivering exceptional service to my babies! Maggie was in for her exam & vaccinations today & the receptionists, techs and Dr were so sweet and made it a great experience for us both. Thank you!