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Financial Policy

We are dedicated to providing a high level of care for your pet. To maintain that level of excellence, payment is due at time of treatment. Many veterinary services, such as vaccinations or routine check ups are quite straight forward in their cost. However, if your pet is sick or injured, costs can be varied, involved, or unexpected. We have found that a clear understanding of financial policy in advance of this type of treatment helps relieve some of the anxiety you may feel in an emergency situation.

Care of Sick or Injured Pets

After the initial examination and assessment of your pet, a treatment plan will be provided. Along with the treatment plan will be a written estimate of expected costs for procedures. The estimate will be given as a range based on required diagnostic tests, length of hospital stay and procedures to be performed. In many cases the initial diagnostic workup is known, however further tests and procedures may be necessary based on the preliminary test results.

After receiving a written estimate, you will be asked to sign a “consent for treatment” form. This form indicates your informed consent for the proposed treatment plan of your pet as well as your understanding of the financial costs. A deposit is required for all patients being admitted to the hospital for care. The deposit is usually equal to the low range of the estimated cost of service.

If a change in your pet’s condition occurs after admission to the hospital, an alternate strategy in their treatment may be required. The cost of services can vary based on the progression and subsequent treatment of your pet’s condition. Our client care team will provide updates regarding current and expected costs for any further treatments.

Methods of Payment

Accepted methods of payment include cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Care Credit and personal check with proper ID. Please note that we are required to charge taxes for all services.

We also work closely with pet insurance companies. If you maintain insurance coverage on your pet, please advise our client care team upon arrival.


Foothills Animal Hospital does not provide financing for services. We utilize the services of Care Credit when financing of services is required. Our office staff can assist you in applying for financing. Approval of financing generally is confirmed soon after application, allowing timely progression of your pet’s care at our hospital.

You can apply for Care Credit on your own by clicking below:


After Hours

Due to higher staffing costs for overtime and overnight coverage, there is an added fee for all after-hours emergency services. Additionally, all emergencies require a deposit before service, and full payment when service is complete.

Please note: For after hours emergencies involving new clients with no previous history at our hospital, full payment of services is required before treatment.

If you have any questions about our financial policy, please contact the hospital at 928.342.0448 or talk to one of our client care team during your visit.

Everyone was kind and caring, not just with Katie and me, but with other clients. Upon our third visit, I was amazed how many different people greeted us by name.


I can't thank you enough. Thanks for being so pawesome!

Roberto R.

Thank you for your generous donation and support for Gila Ridge Girls Basketball Team.


I want to thank the staff at FAH for always delivering exceptional service to my babies! Maggie was in for her exam & vaccinations today & the receptionists, techs and Dr were so sweet and made it a great experience for us both. Thank you!